Covered Bonds

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Covered Bond - History
... Covered bonds were created in Prussia in 1769 by Frederick The Great and in Denmark in 1795 ... Danish covered bond lending emerged after the Great Fire of Copenhagen in 1795, when a quarter of the city burnt to the ground ... Today nearly all real estate is financed with covered bonds in Denmark, and Denmark is the 3rd largest issuer in Europe ...
Mortgage Loan - Jurisdictional Perspectives - Continental Europe
... less on securitizing mortgages and more on formal government guarantees backed by covered bonds (such as the Pfandbriefe) and deposits, except Denmark and Germany where asset-backed securities are also ... Within the European Union, covered bonds market volume (covered bonds outstanding) amounted to about EUR 2 trillion at year-end 2007 with Germany, Denmark, Spain, and France each having outstandings ...

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