Coupled Map Lattice - Quantitative Analysis Quantifiers

Quantitative Analysis Quantifiers

Coupled map lattices being a prototype of spatially extended systems easy to simulate have represented a benchmark for the definition and introduction of many indicators of spatio-temporal chaos, the most relevant ones are

  • The power spectrum in space and time
  • Lyapunov spectra
  • Dimension density
  • Kolmogorov–Sinai entropy density
  • Distributions of patterns
  • Pattern entropy
  • Propagation speed of finite and infinitesimal disturbance
  • Mutual information and correlation in space-time
  • Lyapunov exponents, localization of Lyapunov vectors
  • Comoving and sub-space time Lyapunov exponents.
  • Spatial and temporal Lyapunov exponents

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