Coupe Du Congo - Total


Club Titles
DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa) 13
AS Vita Club (Kinshasa) 9
AS Dragons (Kinshasa) 5
TP Mazembe (Lubumbashi) 5
AS Kalamu (Kinshasa) 4
FC Saint Eloi Lupopo (Lubumbashi) 2
Lubumbashi Sport 1
Maniema Union (Kindu) 1
AC Sodigraf (Kinshasa) 1
AS Vita Kabasha (Goma) 1
US Kenya (Lubumbashi) 1
SC Cilu (Lukala) 1
US Bilombe (Bilombe) 1
OC Bukavu Dawa (Bukavu) 1
US Tshinkunku (Kananga) 1
CS Don Bosco (Lubumbashi) 1

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