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Corso (disambiguation)
... Corso is usually used as a shorthand for the Via del Corso, a street in Rome ... It is also a surname, held by Daniel Corso (born April 3, 1978), Canadian hockey player Gregory Nunzio Corso (1930–2001), American poet Lee Corso (born 1936 ... Corso (1915–1998), American Army officer It may also refer to Cane Corso, a dog CORSO, the Council of Organisations for Relief Service Overseas Corso, Algeria ...
Corso: The Last Beat - Synopsis
... The Beat Generation’s Gregory Corso, who despite dire hardship—infant abandonment, foster homes, living in the streets of Little Italy, a teenage prison term—became one of four in ... Ethan Hawke takes us on the last odyssey of GREGORY CORSO - the most colorful of the inner circle of “THE BEATS”, who along with KEROUAC, GINSBERG and BURROUGHS, changed world culture and social history ... Corso, abandoned as an infant by his Italian mother during the Depression, grew up in foster homes, on the streets of Little Italy and Greenwich Village ...
Corso: The Last Beat - The Making of Corso, The Last Beat
... Gregory Corso who unlike his compatriot Allen Ginsberg, avoided publicity and promotion of the "Beat" label, refused all film and biography requests ... Allen Ginsberg introduced Corso to filmmaker Gustave Reininger, and after a lengthy quiz on Gilgamesh, Heraclitus, and St ... Clement of Alexandria, Corso decided to allow Reininger to make a film ...
Corso, Missouri
... Corso is an unincorporated community in western Lincoln County, Missouri, United States ... Cave Chain of Rocks Fountain N' Lakes Silex Truxton Whiteside Unincorporated communities Corso Olney Coordinates 39°07′38″N 91°11′10″W / 39.12722 ...
Corso Donati - Buildings
... Two buildings owned by and named after Corso, the torri Corso Donati or towers of Corso Donati, still stand in Piazza San Pier Maggiore in Florence ...

Famous quotes containing the word corso:

    The indifferent clerk he knowing what was going to happen
    The lobby zombies they knowing what
    The whistling elevator man he knowing
    The winking bellboy knowing
    Everybody knowing! I’d be almost inclined not to do anything!
    —Gregory Corso (b. 1930)

    it’s just that I see love as odd as wearing shoes—
    I never wanted to marry a girl who was like my mother
    And Ingrid Bergman was always impossible
    —Gregory Corso (b. 1930)

    a fat Reichian wife screeching over potatoes Get a job!
    And five nose running brats in love with Batman
    —Gregory Corso (b. 1930)