Correspondence Theory

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Difficulties For Coherentism
... to state from the point of view of someone who holds to the correspondence theory of truth ... So, it may be possible to construct a coherent theory of the world, which does not correspond to what actually occurs in the world ... It is simply not possible for a coherent theory not to correspond to reality, if reality is the very same thing as the entire coherent system ...
Correspondence Theory Of Truth - Objections - The Theory Is Only As Plausible or Usable As Phenomena Are Known To Us
... One attack on the theory claims that the correspondence theory succeeds in its appeal to the real world only in so far as the real world is reachable by us ... Such a person can wholeheartedly adopt a correspondence theory of truth ... The correspondence theory appeals to imaginary undefined entities, so it is incoherent ...

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    Osteopath—One who argues that all human ills are caused by the pressure of hard bone upon soft tissue. The proof of his theory is to be found in the heads of those who believe it.
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