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Use of Socratic Method

Traditional law schools in the United States teach by the question and answer Socratic or casebook method. Law schools using online technology are able to teach by this method through use of the Internet in live audio sessions. In this teaching method, students are assigned case opinions and statutes to read and brief before each class session. This pre-class preparation is followed by in-class (and on-line) presentations by the students. Law schools use the Socratic Method to teach students how to analyze and make legal arguments, how to properly read and brief cases and how to prepare for the pressures and rigors of a legal practice.

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Correspondence Law School - United States - Use of Socratic Method - Synchronous and Asynchronous Online Technologies
... generally accepted that a crucial part of the Socratic Method process involves students being questioned by the professors, with follow-up questions ... Utilization of the Socratic Method pedagogy by online law schools in the traditional “interactive” direct question and answer format occurs through audio broadcast over the ... This method of instruction has the advantage that the students need not be committed to be present for classes at set days and hours ...

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