Correspondence may refer to:

  • In general usage, non-concurrent, remote communication between people, including letters, email, newsgroups, Internet forums, blogs
  • Correspondence theory of truth (philosophy), a theory in epistemology
  • Correspondence principle (physics), that theories must agree with experimental evidence
  • Correspondence (theology), the relationship between spiritual and physical realities
  • Correspondence (mathematics), several related meanings
  • Correspondence analysis, a multivariate statistical technique
  • Correspondence problem (computer vision), finding depth information in stereography
  • Regular sound correspondence (linguistics), see Comparative method
  • Correspondence rules (quantum mechanics)
  • Correspondence chess played between different geographical locations
  • Correspondence course, a distant education method
  • Correspondence (album), a 1983 studio album by singer and musician Peter Godwin

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... Correspondence and diaries of Mrs Margaret Gatty and her daughter, Mrs Juliana H ... children's books and Mrs Gatty did interesting work on algae her correspondence includes letters from authorities in this field and Mrs Ewing's includes letters written by her from ...
Correspondence Principle (sociology)
... The correspondence principle or correspondence thesis is a sociological theory that posits a close relationship between social standing and the educational system ... the formal curriculum that is offered by the school, the advocates of the correspondence principle argue that the structure of the school and also the personal experience ...