Corpus (Latin plural corpora, English plural corpuses or corpora) is Latin for body. It may refer to:

  • Corpus Christi (disambiguation)
  • Corpus, the figure of Christ on a crucifix.
  • Corpus linguistics
    • Text corpus, in linguistics, a large and structured set of texts
    • Speech corpus, in linguistics, a large set of speech audio files

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Survey Of English Usage - History
... The original Survey Corpus predated modern computing ... Naturally, corpus searches required a visit to the Survey ... This corpus is now known more widely as the London-Lund Corpus (LLC), as it was the responsibility of co-workers in Lund, Sweden, to computerise the corpus ...
Corpus - Other
... Corpus separatum, a form of political administration used in international conflict resolution ...
Saint-Pol-Roux - Corpus
... Saint-Pol-Roux equally created the notion of "idéoréalisme" ... He desired an artistic fusion between the real world and the world of ideas, in a Neoplatonic perspective ...
List Of Natural Language Processing Toolkits - Structures Used in Natural Language Processing
... Corpus – body of data, optionally tagged (for example, through part-of-speech tagging), providing real world samples for analysis and comparison ... Text corpus – large and structured set of texts, nowadays usually electronically stored and processed ... Speech corpus – database of speech audio files and text transcriptions ...
List Of Tallest Buildings In Corpus Christi
... This list of tallest buildings in Corpus Christi ranks high-rises in the U.S ... city of Corpus Christi, Texas by height ... The tallest building in Corpus Christi is the 28-story One Shoreline Plaza South Tower, which rises 411 feet (125 m) and was completed in 1988 ...

Famous quotes containing the word corpus:

    By that bedes side ther kneleth a may,
    And she wepeth both nyght and day.

    And by that beddes side ther stondith a ston,
    Corpus Christi’wretyn theron.
    —Unknown. Corpus Christi Carol (l. 11–14)