• (adj): Having been prepared for eating by the application of heat.

Some articles on cooked:

Sabbath Food Preparation - Reheating Foods
... heat a food item to the temperature of yad soledet bo, foods that have already been fully cooked may sometimes be reheated ... Dry food that has been completely cooked is no longer subject to the prohibition of bishul this is based on the principle of ain bishul achar bishul (אין בישול אחר בישול, "Cooking does ... Thus, a completely cooked, dry food item, such as a piece of chicken or potato kugel, may be reheated once it has been fully cooked ...
St. George Orthodox Church, Chandanapally - Chembuduppu
... They cooked this rice on the bank of the stream and ceremoniously served it to the volunteers ... The main offering is rice cooked in a copper pot, which is taken to Kuthirappura by all the pilgrims from different places and the different religions who ... Later this cooked rice will be taken to their homes by the pilgrims ...
Lahori Cuisine - Popular Dishes
... Gosht karahi (chicken or mutton cooked with a spicy tomato-based gravy in a concave-shaped cooking vessel that resembles a wok) is a speciality of Lahore ... Dal gosht (meat cooked with pulses) Murgh Cholay/Channay (chicken cooked with chickpeas) Murgh Musallam (chicken cooked with rice and dry fruits stuffed inside) Seekh kababs (Pashto-style ...
... Melara also is a South Indian dish typically cooked by the Havyak community living in the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka State / Kasaragod district of Kerala state ... It is a gravy made with cooked vegetables, ground coconut and buttermilk and seasoned with black mustard seeds ... It is eaten with cooked rice ...
Sony Alpha 700 - Noise Reduction
... A700 initially received criticism from the review community for their "cooked raws", a function that kept the noise reduction algorithm on in the image on high ISO even on Raw files, hence, "cooked ... reduction including the option to turn it off the cooked raw problem was no longer an issue ...

Famous quotes containing the word cooked:

    I’m the only woman reporter they have, so I get all the meat boycott stories and all the meatless food stories.... Actually, I’ve only cooked three meals in my life. The most uncomfortable place for me in the whole world is in a kitchen.
    Theresa Brown (b. 1957)

    who cooked rotten animals lung heart feet tailborscht & tortillas
    dreaming of the pure vegetable kingdom,
    Allen Ginsberg (b. 1926)