Control Surfaces

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Aircraft Flight Mechanics - Aircraft Control Surfaces
... The movement of the rudder changes the size and orientation of the force the vertical surface produces ... rudders on the single fin for both safety and to control the inter-linked yaw and roll actions ... By moving the elevator control backwards the pilot moves the elevator up (a position of negative camber) and the downwards force on the horizontal tail is increased ...
Trailing Edge
... The trailing edge of an aerodynamic surface such as a wing is its rear edge, where the airflow separated by the leading edge rejoins ... Essential control surfaces are attached here to redirect the air flow and exert a controlling force by changing its momentum ... Such control surfaces include ailerons on the wings for roll control, elevators on the tailplane controlling pitch and the rudder on the fin controlling yaw ...
Aerodynamic Maneuverability Vs Supermaneuverability
... the flow of air passing over the control surfaces of the aircraft - the ailerons, elevators, flaps, air brakes and rudder ... Some of these control surfaces can be combined—such as in the "ruddervators" of a V-tail configuration—but the basic properties are unaffected ... When a control surface is moved to present an angle to the oncoming airflow, it deflects the airstream and, by Newton's Third Law, an equal opposing force is applied by the air to ...
Aircraft Flight Control System - Flight Control Systems - Hydro-mechanical
... The complexity and weight of mechanical flight control systems increase considerably with the size and performance of the aircraft ... Hydraulically powered control surfaces help to overcome these limitations ... With hydraulic flight control systems, the aircraft's size and performance are limited by economics rather than a pilot's muscular strength ...
English Electric Thunderbird - History - Development
... cone, four cropped-delta wings just behind the middle point of the fuselage, and four smaller control surfaces at the rear, in-line with the mid-mounted wings ... fuselage had a slight boat-tail narrowing at the extreme rear under the control surfaces ... by four large "Gosling" solid fuel rocket boosters lying between the control surfaces and wings ...

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