Control Channel

In radio communication, a control channel is a central channel that controls other constituent radios by handling data streams. It is most often used in the context of a trunked radio system, where the control channel sends data which coordinates users in talkgroups.

In GSM networks, Control Channels can be broadly divided into 3 categories; Broadcast Control Channel (BCCH), Common Control Channel (CCCH), and Dedicated Control Channels (DCCH).

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... The control channel can also be set to cycle, so each channel in turn becomes a control channel, say every ten minutes it will change ... with queuing, affects registration and control channel acquisition times ... In countries where dedicated channels for trunked systems are not possible or availability is limited it is also possible to actively manage the use ...
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1609.4 -Multi-channel Operation This standard deals with communications through multiple channels ... Also, if required, RSU must be able to allocate channels to OBUs ... As mentioned before DSRC provides several channels (seven 10 MHz channels in North America) for communications ...
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... To allow as limited a number of channels for use, and to be spectrum efficient, Voice On Control (VOC) was developed to permit the control channel to temporarily act as a voice channel ... This allows as little as one channel per site, but access must be severely restricted to the site or communication problems will occur ... When all channels at a VOC enabled site are in use, or a single channel site gets a call request, there is specific data sent out over the control channel to notify all radios at the site that ...
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... between mobiles and the network are exchanged on the control channel at 1200 bits per second using FFSK signalling, or a specific "modem call", known as "non-prescribed data" can be ... This, along with Short Data Messaging and Status Messaging via the control channel makes an MPT1327 network ideal for managing AVL for asset management, meter reading and SCADA networks, the advantage being that the ...
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