Contractor may refer to:

  • General contractor, organization or individual that contracts with another organization or individual (the owner) for the construction of a building, road or other facility
  • Subcontractor, an individual or business that signs a contract to perform part or all of the obligations of another's contract
  • School bus contractor, a private company or proprietorship which provides school bus service to a school district or non-public school
  • Independent contractor, a natural person, business or corporation which provides goods or services to another entity under terms specified in a contract
  • Private military company, organization or individual that contracts to provide services of a military nature
  • The Contractor, a 2007 action movie starring Wesley Snipes
  • Consultant, a professional who provides expert advice in a particular domain or area of expertise
  • Permatemp, a person who works for an organization for an extended period via a staffing agency

Contractor is also a common surname of Parsi and Bohra people in South Asia, and may refer to:

  • Nari Contractor, an Indian cricketer
  • Behram Contractor, an Indian journalist

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