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Sen Lin Hu - International Ties - Notable Visits
... been visited by numerous dignitaries and supporters, including Spanish Consul General Rodrigo Aguirre de Cárcer (1983) German Ambassador Peter Hermes (1983) German ...
List Of United States Political Families (M) - The Macks and Wadsworths
... Vice Consul in Nantes, France 1917–1919 U.S ... Vice Consul in Constantinople, Ottoman Empire 1919–1920 U.S ... Vice Consul in Sofia, Bulgaria 1920 U.S ...
Consul (representative) - Consul General
... A consul general is a consular officer who heads a consulate general and is a consul of the highest rank serving at a particular location ... A consul general may also be responsible for consular districts which contain other, subordinate consular offices within a country ... The consul general serves as a representative who speaks on behalf of his or her state in the country to which he or she is located, although ultimate jurisdiction ...
List Of United States Political Families (W) - The Wilbers
... Consul to Barbados 1903-1905, U.S ... Consul General to Singapore 1905-1907, U.S ... Consul General to Halifax, Nova Scotia 1907-1909 U.S ...
Philippine Revolution - Spanish-American War - Discussions Between Aguinaldo and U.S. Officials
... Consuls E ... a formal written agreement because the word of the Admiral and of the United States Consul were in fact equivalent to the most solemn pledge that their verbal promises and assurance would be ... In conclusion the Consul said, 'The Government of North America, is a very honest, just, and powerful government.'" Aguinaldo writes of meeting with ...

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    As a general rule never take your whole fee in advance, nor any more than a small retainer. When fully paid beforehand, you are more than a common mortal if you can feel the same interest in the case, as if something was still in prospect for you, as well as for your client.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    I wouldn’t think of asking you to lie; you haven’t the necessary diplomatic training.
    —John Farrow. Consul in Valparaiso, The Sea Chase (1955)