Consonant Clusters

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Chiwere Language - Phonology - Consonants - Phoneme Combinations
... In languages there are certain clusters of phonemes that show up in particular environments within a word ... research of Chiwere, there are approximately 23 known consonant clusters which are word medial and approximately 14 of these show up word initially or word medially ... research it has been found that the stop + stop consonant cluster čd, as in áčda ('then'), shows up in the word medial position but not as a word initial phoneme cluster ...
Chipaya Language - Phonology - Consonant Clusters
... + h Possible syllable codas are h/x + p/t/k/q/l/lʲ/r + (t) hʷ/xʷ + k/q + (t) Consonant + t ...
Biloxi Language - Sounds - Phonotactics
... However, clusters of three consonants are rare ... Consonant clusters usually don't end syllables ... The following consonant clusters are observed 2-Element Clusters p t d c k s x h m n w y p x x x x x ? t x x x x ? x x d ? c x x x k x x x x x x x x x s x x x x x x x x x x x x x x h m n x x ? x x ...
Cluster Reduction
... In phonology and historical linguistics, cluster reduction is the simplification of consonant clusters in certain environments or over time ... In some dialects of English such as AAVE certain historical consonant clusters reduce to single consonants at the ends of words friend rhymes with Ben, and cold is ... In both cases, a historical cluster of homorganic consonants loses a stop /ˈfrɛn/, /ˈkoʊl/ However, in colder, where the consonant cluster falls between vowels, the /d/ remains /ˈkoʊldɚ/ ...
Bepo - East Asian Languages - Hangul (for Korean) - Sebeolsik 390
... Syllable-initial consonants are on the right (shown green in the picture), and syllable-final consonants and consonant clusters are on the left (shown red) ... Some consonant clusters are not printed on the keyboard the user has to press multiple consonant keys to input some consonant clusters, unlike Sebeolsik Final ...

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