Congestion may refer to:

  • congestion in heart failure, a term to describe low cardiac output seen in heart failure.
  • Nasal congestion, the blockage of nasal passages due to swollen membranes
  • Network congestion, an occurrence in data networking
  • Traffic congestion, an occurrence on highways
  • Congestion pricing

Other articles related to "congestion":

... CUBIC is an implementation of TCP with an optimized congestion control algorithm for high bandwidth networks with high latency (LFN Long Fat Networks) ... is a cubic function of time since the last congestion event, with the inflection point set to the window prior to the event ... ramps up to the window size before the last congestion event ...
San Francisco Congestion Pricing - Concerns and Controversy
... Others considered that congestion pricing is a regressive tax imposing a greater burden on those without a good option to ride public transit and on low-income ... commuters to switch to public transport once the congestion pricing is implemented ... by the Chamber of Commerce by late January 2009, showed that 61% of the voters opposed the congestion fee for driving downtown ...
Micro Transport Protocol - Operation - µTP Congestion Control
... The congestion control algorithm used by µTP, known as Low Extra Delay Background Transport (LEDBAT), aims to decrease the latency caused by applications using the protocol while maximizing ... Additionally, information from the µTP congestion controller can be used to choose the transfer rate of TCP connections ...

Famous quotes containing the word congestion:

    In Western Europe people perish from the congestion and stifling closeness, but with us it is from the spaciousness.... The expanses are so great that the little man hasn’t the resources to orient himself.... This is what I think about Russian suicides.
    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904)