Conditional may refer to:

  • Causal conditional, if X then Y, where X is a cause of Y
  • Conditional mood (or conditional tense), a verb form in many languages
  • Conditional probability, the probability of an event A given that another event B has occurred
  • Conditional sentence, discuss hypothetical situations and their consequences
  • Indicative conditional, a conditional in the form of "If A then B" in natural languages
    • Counterfactual conditional, or subjunctive conditional, indicates what would be the case if its antecedent were true
  • Conditional proof, in logic: a proof that asserts a conditional, and proves that the antecedent leads to the consequent.
  • Strict conditional, as used in philosophy, logic, and mathematics.
  • Material conditional, in propositional calculus, or logical calculus in mathematics.
  • Relevance conditional, in relevance logic
  • Conditional (programming), a statement or expression in computer programming languages
  • A conditional expression in computer programming languages such as ?:
  • Conditions in a contract

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Famous quotes containing the word conditional:

    Conditional love is love that is turned off and on....Some parents only show their love after a child has done something that pleases them. “I love you, honey, for cleaning your room!” Children who think they need to earn love become people pleasers, or perfectionists. Those who are raised on conditional love never really feel loved.
    Louise Hart (20th century)

    Computer mediation seems to bathe action in a more conditional light: perhaps it happened; perhaps it didn’t. Without the layered richness of direct sensory engagement, the symbolic medium seems thin, flat, and fragile.
    Shoshana Zuboff (b. 1951)

    The population of the world is a conditional population; these are not the best, but the best that could live in the existing state of soils, gases, animals, and morals: the best that could yet live; there shall be a better, please God.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)