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Intel 80286 - Features - OS Support
... was VDISK, a RAM disk driver included with the PC-DOS 3.0 and 3.1 ... The DOS could utilize the additional RAM available in the protected mode—extended memory either via BIOS call (INT 15h, AH=87h), or as RAM disk, or as emulation of expanded memory ... In addition, DOS programs would not be allowed to access or modify data and code segments that did not belong to them as they could in real mode ...
Flex OS - Overview
... of.68K was reserved for FlexOS 68K, presumably derived from Concurrent DOS 68K as of 1986.) During boot, the FLEX286.SYS kernel would load the resource managers and device drivers specified in the ... FlexOS's optional DOS emulator provided limited PC DOS 2.1 compatibility for DOS.COM and.EXE programs ... Due to bugs in earlier steppings of the Intel 80286, the FlexOS 286 DOS front-end required at least the 80286 E2 stepping to function properly ...
List Of Operating Systems - Disk Operating Systems
... 86-DOS (developed at Seattle Computer Products by Tim Paterson for the new Intel 808x CPUs licensed to Microsoft, became PC DOS/MS-DOS ... Also known by its working title QDOS.) PC DOS (IBM's DOS variant, developed jointly with Microsoft, versions 1.0–7.0, 2000, 7.10) MS-DOS (Microsoft's DOS variant for OEM, developed jointly with IBM, versions 1 ... user interfaces and environments for DOS DESQview+ QEMM 386 multi-tasking user interface for DOS DESQView/X (X-windowing GUI for DOS) ...
Multiuser DOS - Concurrent DOS - Concurrent DOS 386 and Concurrent DOS XM
... Versions 5 and 6 (Concurrent DOS XM) could bank switch multiple programs using EMS ... In 1987 Concurrent DOS was rewritten and renamed Concurrent DOS 386 ... processors, using the 386's hardware facilities for virtualizing the hardware, allowing most DOS applications to run unmodified under Concurrent DOS 386, even on ...
... The directives in this file configure DOS for use with devices and applications in the system ... After processing the CONFIG.SYS file, DOS proceeds to load and execute the command shell specified in the SHELL line of CONFIG.SYS, or COMMAND.COM if there is no such line ... In DOS, CONFIG.SYS is located in the root directory of the drive from which the system was booted ...

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