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Odo, Viscount Of Porhoet
... On Bertha's death, Odo II denied her son Conan IV of Penthièvre, Duke of Brittany his inheritance ... Odo II was deposed by his stepson Conan IV in 1156, and taken prisoner by Conan IV's ally Raoul de Fougères ... Possible child (with Jeanne/Eléonore) Elenore, wife of Conan de Penthièvre, de La Roche-Derrien, son of Henri de Bretagne, Comte de Tréguier et de ...
Conan IV, Duke Of Brittany
... Conan IV of Penthièvre (1138 – February 20, 1171), (Breton Konan V Penteur, and Konan Breizh) called "the Young", was duke of Brittany, from 1156 to his death ... He was his mother's heir she was the daughter of Duke Conan III ... From his father’s side, Conan was great great grandson of duke Geoffrey I and great grandson of Odo of Brittany ...
Porhoët - Viscount of Porhoet As Duke of Brittany
... She was the daughter of Conan III, Duke of Brittany ... Upon Bertha's death, Odo II served as Regent to Bertha's son Conan IV of Penthièvre ... When Bertha died, Odo II tried to deny Conan IV his inheritance and usurp the rule of Brittany ...

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