Computational Problems

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Giorgi Japaridze
... Technically CL is a game logic it understands interactive computational problems as games played by a machine against the environment, their computability as ... case of computability, – computability restricted to problems of zero interactivity degree ... with intuitionistic logic is that it must be a logic of problems (Kolmogorov 1932) this is exactly what CL is, but in a more expressive language than intuitionistic logic ...
Computational Problem
... In theoretical computer science, a computational problem is a mathematical object representing a collection of questions that computers might want to ... For example, the problem of factoring "Given a positive integer n, find a nontrivial prime factor of n." is a computational problem ... Computational problems are one of the main objects of study in theoretical computer science ...
Distributed Application - Theoretical Foundations - Models
... computer science, such tasks are called computational problems ... Formally, a computational problem consists of instances together with a solution for each instance ... Theoretical computer science seeks to understand which computational problems can be solved by using a computer (computability theory) and how efficiently (computational complexity theory) ...

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