Compaq Portable II - Hardware


The Compaq Portable II had room for additional after market upgrades. Compaq manufactured four memory expansion boards, 512kB and 2048kB ISA memory cards and 512kB and 1536kB memory boards that attached to the back of the motherboard. With 640kB installed on the motherboard and both the ISA card and the expansion board, the computer could be upgraded with up to a maximum of 4.2MB of RAM. The motherboard also had space for an optional 80287 math coprocessor. There were two revisions of the motherboard, they were functionally identical although the earlier version was larger. The motherboard had four ISA busses for expansion cards, two 8-bit and two 16-bit. However, the first 16-bit slot was already occupied by a CGA graphics card and one of the 8-bit slots was used by the ATA drive controller board, leaving two available to add cards to.

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