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Choice Hotels - History
... The company was started in 1939 in Maryland as Quality Courts United, a referral chain consisting of about seven motel owners ... without strict norms or guidelines from the company ... The company became Quality International as the company switched to franchising in 1972 ...
Fed Ex Express - History - Rapid Growth
... In 1978, the company went public and was listed on The New York Stock Exchange ... The following year it became the first shipping company to use a computer to manage packages when it launched "COSMOS" (Customers, Operations and Services Master Online System), a centralized computer system to manage ... In 1980 the company implemented "DADS" (Digitally Assisted Dispatch System) to coordinate on-call pickups for customers this system allows customers to schedule pickups for the ...
Barracuda Networks - Products
... Web filter - In April 2005, the company introduced its web filtering appliance to prevent spyware and viruses from gathering and transmitting user data, and to control web surfing ... Load balancer - In November 2006, the company introduced a load balancing appliance for high availability distribution of network traffic across multiple servers ... Message archiver - In July 2007, the company introduced message archiving to index and preserve emails, and to meet legal and regulatory compliance ...
Burger King Products - History - Ancillaries
... The company introduced them in a series of advertisements that claimed the new fries tasted better than McDonald's fries in consumer taste comparisons ... In 1991, the company introduced Twister fries, spiral-cut fries with a spicy coating, as part of a promotional push ... Beyond French fries, the company has introduced several other side products over the course of its existence ...

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    This is no argument against teaching manners to the young. On the contrary, it is a fine old tradition that ought to be resurrected from its current mothballs and put to work...In fact, children are much more comfortable when they know the guide rules for handling the social amenities. It’s no more fun for a child to be introduced to a strange adult and have no idea what to say or do than it is for a grownup to go to a formal dinner and have no idea what fork to use.
    Leontine Young (20th century)

    We have nothing to fear and a great deal to learn from trees, that vigorous and pacific tribe which without stint produces strengthening essences for us, soothing balms, and in whose gracious company we spend so many cool, silent and intimate hours.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)