Commit Suicide

  • (verb): Kill oneself.
    Example: "The terminally ill patient committed suicide"

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Murong Xi - Reign
... The first victim was Murong Yuán, whom he ordered to commit suicide just a few days after he took the throne ... on the throne was discovered less a month later, Murong Xi ordered his young grandnephew to commit suicide as well ... Ding Xin and Murong Yuān and forced Empress Dowager Ding to commit suicide, although he still buried her with honors due an empress ...
Sword Of The Samurai (Hawaiian Eye) - Synopsis
... swears on a samurai sword to avenge his father's death or commit suicide if he fails ... after making a mistake that forced Hiroshi's father, also an Army officer, to have to commit suicide ... Hiroshi flees to commit suicide, but Billy Sajat picks up his fallen sword and kills Noburo ...
Suicide In English Literature - Suicide in Shakespeare
... Shakespeare’s characters commit suicide in several of his plays ... Perhaps most famously, the young lovers Romeo and Juliet both commit suicide in the final scene of Romeo and Juliet ... Suicide also occurs in Julius Caesar (play) when Brutus and Cassius both kill themselves ...
Assessment Of Suicide Risk - Suicide Risk and Mental Illness
... All major mental disorders carry an increased risk of suicide ... However, 90% of suicides can be traced to depression, linked either to manic-depression (bipolar), major depression (unipolar), schizophrenia or personality disorders, particularly borderline ... Comorbity of mental disorders increases suicide risk, especially anxiety or panic attacks ...
Rational Suicide
... The right to die is the ethical or institutional entitlement of any individual to commit suicide or to undergo voluntary euthanasia ... often understood to mean that a person with a terminal illness should be allowed to commit suicide or assisted suicide or to decline life-prolonging ... Pilpel and Amsel write, "Contemporary proponents of ‘rational suicide’ or the ‘right to die’ usually demand by ‘rationality’ that the decision to kill oneself be both the autonomous choice of the agent (i.e ...

Famous quotes containing the words commit suicide, suicide and/or commit:

    If you must commit suicide ... always contrive to do it as decorously as possible; the decencies, whether of life or of death, should never be lost sight of.
    George Borrow (1803–1881)

    Most of the folktales dealing with the Indians are lurid and romantic. The story of the Indian lovers who were refused permission to wed and committed suicide is common to many places. Local residents point out cliffs where Indian maidens leaped to their death until it would seem that the first duty of all Indian girls was to jump off cliffs.
    —For the State of Iowa, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    And nobody would commit suicide, only
    To find beyond death
    Bridgeport, Ohio.
    James Wright (1927–1980)