• (noun): An occurrence that results in things being united.
    Synonyms: combine
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Shinkengers - Samurai Giants - Shinkenoh
... After combining, the Shinkengers say "Shinkenoh united under providence" (シンケンオー天下統一, Shinken'ō tenkatōitsu?) ... Combining with the Kabuto Origami when the kanji for "Kabuto" (兜?) is written, Shinkenoh becomes Kabuto-Shinkenoh (カブトシンケンオー, Kabuto-Shinken ... After combining, the Shinkengers say "Kabuto-Shinkenoh armed under providence" (カブトシンケンオー天下無双, Kabuto-Shinken'ō tenkamusō?) ...
Power Scaling - Coherent Addition and Combining Beams
... Scalability can also be achieved by combining separate laser beams ... In the passive combining (or coherent addition) of lasers, only the few modes common to all of the combined lasers can be above the lasing threshold ... Efficient passive combining of eight lasers has been reported ...
Heath Robinson (codebreaking Machine) - Combining Unit
... This invoved the Boolean "exclusive or" (XOR) function in combining the various bit-streams ... The combining unit implemented the logic of Tutte's statistical method ...
Combining Grapheme Joiner
... The combining grapheme joiner (CGJ), U+034F ͏ combining grapheme joiner (HTML #847) is a Unicode character that has no visible glyph and is "default ignorable" by ... In the case of several consecutive combining diacritics, an intervening CGJ indicates that they should not be subject to canonical reordering ...
Combining Character
... In digital typography, combining characters are characters that are intended to modify other characters ... The most common combining characters in the Latin script are the combining diacritical marks (including combining accents) ... characters, so that in many cases it is possible to use both combining diacritics and precomposed characters, at the user's or application's choice ...

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Famous quotes containing the word combining:

    Nature is not so much her own ever-sweet interpreter, as the mere supplier of that cunning alphabet, whereby selecting and combining as he pleases, each man reads his own peculiar lesson according to his own peculiar mind and mood.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)

    The wilderness experiences a suddent rise of all her streams and lakes. She feels ten thousand vermin gnawing at the base of her noblest trees. Many combining drag them off, jarring over the roots of the survivors, and tumble them into the nearest stream, till, the fairest having fallen, they scamper off to ransack some new wilderness, and all is still again.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Adolescence is society’s permission slip for combining physical maturity with psychological irresponsibility.
    Terri Apter (20th century)