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Colton Point State Park - Recreation - Hunting, Fishing, and Whitewater
... Hunting is permitted in 100 acres (40 ha) of Colton Point State Park ... are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the Pennsylvania State Game Commission ... hunting on the grounds of the adjacent Tioga State Forest ...
Colton Point State Park - Ecology - Important Bird Area
... Colton Point State Park is part of Important Bird Area #28, which encompasses 31,790 acres (12,860 ha) of both publicly and private held land ... State managed acreage accounts for 68 percent of the total area and includes Colton Point and Leonard Harrison State Parks and the surrounding Tioga State Forest lands ... has designated all 368 acres (149 ha) of Colton Point State Park as part of the IBA, which is an area designated as a globally important habitat for the ...
Colton Point State Park - History - Modern Era
... work on the park in June 1935, and it opened as "Colton Point State Forest Park" in 1936 ... The CCC, founded by United States President Franklin D ... the Great Depression, created jobs for unemployed young men from throughout the United States ...
Colton Point State Park - History - Conservation
... He also described a trip to what became Leonard Harrison State Park and the view west across the gorge to what became Colton Point State Park after a 6-mile (9.7 km) buggy ride ... At last he reached "The Point", which he wrote was "the jutting terminus of a high ridge which not only commands a capital view of the opposite mountain, but also of the Pine Creek Valley, up and down for miles" ... The land on which Colton Point State Park sits was sold to the Commonwealth in the late 19th century for $2.50 per acre ($6.25 per ha) by the Pennsylvania Joint ...
Colton Point State Park - Geology and Climate
... of Pennsylvania Although the rock formations exposed in Colton Point State Park and the Pine Creek Gorge are at least 300 million years old, the gorge itself formed about 20,000 ... The land on which Colton Point State Park sits was once part of the coastline of a shallow sea that covered a great portion of what is now North America ... Five major rock formations present in Colton Point State Park are from the Devonian and Carboniferous periods ...

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