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Colossus And The Crab - Plot Summary
... The novel begins where its predecessor, The Fall of Colossus leaves off, with the supercomputer immobilized and the Martians arriving on Earth ... After immobilizing Blake, they explain to Forbin their purpose in immobilizing Colossus — their desire to take half of the Earth's oxygen, a process that will kill nearly a quarter of the ... the oxygen, the Martians reactivate the parts of Colossus necessary to manage human society ...
List Of Dungeons & Dragons 3.0 Edition Monsters - WTC 88169 - Epic Level Handbook (2002)
169 Described are the behemoth eagle and behemoth gorilla Brachyurus 170 Colossus 170-174 Described are the stone colossus, flesh colossus, and iron ...
Colossus - Other
... Colossus, a reticulated python, once considered the largest in captivity Colosse, ships of the French Navy HMS Colossus, ships of the UK Royal Navy USS Colossus, ships of the US Navy ...
List Of Marvel Comics Characters: K - Kruun
... the mutant destined to destroy Breakworld was the X-Man Colossus, Kruun dispatched an armada of Bruteships to Earth to finish the job ... subsequently abducted Colossus and the other X-Men, teleporting them onto a spaceship bound for the Breakworld, in an attempt to lure the armada away from ... Colossus, understanding the meaning of the prophecies, disarms him with the help of Wolverine.. ...
Colossus And The Crab
... Colossus and the Crab is a science fiction novel written in 1977 by the British author Dennis Feltham Jones ... It is the third and final volume in "The Colossus Trilogy" and a sequel to Jones's 1974 novel The Fall of Colossus ...

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    Now the long-feared Asiatic colossus takes its turn as world leader, and we—the white race—have become the yellow man’s burden. Let us hope that he will treat us more kindly than we treated him.
    Gore Vidal (b. 1925)

    Milton, Madam, was a genius that could cut a Colossus from a rock; but he could not carve heads upon cherry-stones.
    Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)