Color Superconducting

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Color Superconductivity - Description - Diversity of Color Superconducting Phases
... Unlike an electrical superconductor, color-superconducting quark matter comes in many varieties, each of which is a separate phase of matter ... There are three different colors (red, green, blue) and in the core of a compact star we expect three different flavors (up, down, strange), making nine species in all ... Thus in forming the Cooper pairs there is a 9x9 color-flavor matrix of possible pairing patterns ...
Color Superconductivity
... Color superconductivity is a phenomenon predicted to occur in quark matter if the baryon density is sufficiently high (well above nuclear density) and the temperature is not too high (well below 1012 kelvin) ... Color superconducting phases are to be contrasted with the normal phase of quark matter, which is just a weakly interacting Fermi liquid of quarks ... In theoretical terms, a color superconducting phase is a state in which the quarks near the Fermi surface become correlated in Cooper pairs, which condense ...

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