• (noun): Irrigation of the colon for cleansing purposes by injecting large amounts of fluid high into the colon.
    Synonyms: colonic irrigation, high colonic
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Mucoid Plaque - History
... While colonic irrigation enjoyed a vogue in the early 20th century as a possible cure for numerous diseases, subsequent research showed that it was useless and potentially harmful ... and amusing chapter in the history of weird medical beliefs." Nevertheless, interest in colonic "autointoxication" as a cause of illness, and in colonic irrigation as a cure ...
Internal Intussusception - Diagnosis - Colonic Transit Studies
... Colonic transit studies may be used to rule out colonic inertia if there is a history of severe constipation ...
Volvulus - Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis
... After taking a thorough history, the diagnosis of colonic volvulus is usually easily included in the differential diagnosis ... In approximately 80 percent of colonic obstructions, an invasive carcinoma is found to be the cause of the obstruction ... Although diverticulitis may be the source of a colonic obstruction, it more commonly causes an ileus, which appears to be a colonic obstruction ...
Megacolon - Diagnosis
... Colonic marker transit studies are useful to distinguish colonic inertia from functional outlet obstruction etiologies ... Patients with colonic inertia show the marker spread throughout the large intestines, while patients with outlet obstruction exhibit slow accumulations of markers in some places ...
... Short-chain fatty acids, which include butyrate, are produced by beneficial colonic bacteria (probiotics) that feed on, or ferment prebiotics, which are plant products ... Butyrate is a major metabolite in colonic lumen arising from bacterial fermentation of dietary fiber and has been shown to be a critical mediator of the colonic inflammatory response ... underlying butyrate function in suppression of colonic inflammation is inhibition of the IFN-γ/STAT1 signaling pathways at least partially through acting as a histone deacetylase (H ...

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  • (adj): Of or relating to the colon.