Colombian may refer to:

  • Something of, from, or related to the country of Colombia
  • Colombian people, persons from Colombia, or of Colombian descent
    • For more information about the Colombian people, see:
      • Demographics of Colombia
      • Indigenous peoples in Colombia, Native Colombians
      • Colombian American
    • For specific persons, see List of Colombians
  • Colombian Spanish, one of the language spoken in Colombia
    • See also languages of Colombia
  • Colombian culture
  • Colombian sheep, a sheep breed

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Colombia–Japan Relations - Commerce
... According to the Colombian embassy in Japan, commercial ties between the two countries are increasingly dynamic ... In 1996 Japan became the third focus of Colombian imports after the United States and Venezuela with some US$722.5 million dollars (5.6% of total Colombian imports) ... Colombia are mostly assembled vehicles, auto parts, video cameras and communication devices, while Colombian products exported to Japan were mostly coffee, grains, and nickel, and on a minor scale emeralds, exotic ...
Colombian Naval Infantry
... The Colombian Naval Infantry and also referred to as Colombian Marines (Spanish Infantería de Marina Colombiana) is the marine force of the Colombian National Armada ... The 24,000-member Colombian Marine Infantry is organized into a single division with four brigades (one amphibious assault brigade and three riverine brigade), each with several battalions plus numerous small ...
Colombian Civil War Of 1876
... Colombian Civil War of 1876 (also called War of the Schools) was a civil war in the United States of Colombia (present-day Colombia) that went on from 1876 to 1877 ... approximately 1870 when members of the Colombian Liberal Party led by the Liberal radical Eustorgio Salgar attempted to introduce public education for the ...
... Catalina Castaño Alvarez, a professional female Colombian tennis player ... José Vicente Castaño, aka El Profe, a Colombian paramilitary former leader of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), a right-wing Colombian paramilitary organization ... Fidel Castaño Gil, a right-wing Colombian drug lord and paramilitary, among the founders of Los Pepes and the Peasant Self-Defense Forces of Cordoba and Uraba Hécto ...