• (adj): Brought together in one place.
    Example: "The collected works of Milton"
    Synonyms: gathered
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Northern Virginia Transportation Authority
... of its fees and taxes and its intent to refund the taxes that had been collected since January 1, 2008 ... authorize refunds of the estimated $13 million in fees collected by the NVTA since January 1, 2008 ... for the return of the home seller's, or grantor's, tax that was collected to relieve traffic congestion, within 60 days ...
Sea Daisy - Distribution
... They have been collected primarily from sunken, deep-sea (1000+ meters) wood ... a handful of specimens initially, nearly 100 specimens have been collected from the Bahamas with decent numbers collected from the north central Atlantic ...
Kaminey - Box Office
... registered good collections across most single screens, and collected 170 million (US$2.9 million) in the opening weekend at the Indian box-office ... In its first week of release, the film collected 250 million (US$4.3 million) in India ... After its run, the film had collected 710 million (US$12 million) worldwide, and was declared a hit by Box Office India and went on to become a commercial success ...
Tailless Fruit Bat - Biology and Ecology
... An adult female was collected in April, 1995, and adult male in April, 1996 ... was taken from the Balui secondary forest in June, 1994, while an immature was collected from the primary forest in Taleban on 28 March 1997 ... A specimen MTA96004 was collected in the canopy net approximately 30 m above ground level ...
Exile Of The Eons
... It was first published in Super Science Stories (March 1950) and was later collected in Expedition to Earth under the title "Nemesis" ... It is also collected in The Collected Stories of Arthur C ...

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Famous quotes containing the word collected:

    The knowledge of an unlearned man is living and luxuriant like a forest, but covered with mosses and lichens and for the most part inaccessible and going to waste; the knowledge of the man of science is like timber collected in yards for public works, which still supports a green sprout here and there, but even this is liable to dry rot.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    A hungry man is an angry man.
    English proverb, no. 13, collected in James Howell, Proverbs (1659)

    The mob has many heads but no brains.
    17th-century English proverb, collected in Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia (1732)