Coin Grading

In coin collecting coin grading is the process of determining the grade or condition of a coin, one of the key factors in determining its value as a collector's item.

The grading of a coin includes the analysis of several criteria, the most important being the quality, the rarity, the interest factor, and the liquidity factor.

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Coin Grading - Complexity
... and 6 step Jefferson Nickels and so forth are creating condition rarities out of coins formerly thought of as common ... In addition, both PCGS and NGC introduced "Plus" grading in 2010, whereby coins graded between XF45 and MS68 can receive a '+' (for example, MS63+) if they are at the high end of their ... Also, uncirculated coins are sometimes deemed Proof-like and Deep Mirror Proof-like ...
Gold Coin - Grading Coins
... A coin's "grade" is a visual evaluation of the amount of wear on a coin ... Coins with little wear are graded higher and therefore assigned higher prices than those with a lot of wear ... However, low-grade, extremely rare coins can easily be more valuable than more widely available, higher grade coins of common dates ...
Third-party Grading - History
... As of 2008, there were four prevalent coin grading services PCGS, NGC, ANACS, and ICG ... or expert advice before making any important rare coin purchases ... Third Party Grading was pioneered by ANACS, which was founded by the American Numismatic Association (ANA) in 1972 ...
Numismatic Guaranty Corporation
... Guaranty Corporation (or NGC) is a provider of third-party coin grading services to numismatists ... It is the official grading service of the American Numismatic Association ... Coin grading is a fee-based service in which a coin or medal is sent to an independent company to render an opinion on its authenticity and condition ...

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