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Snake Coils (geology)
... Snake coils is a descriptive term used by physical geologist and glaciologists to describe the "snake coil"-like shape that occurs along certain ablation lines ... It is believed that snake coils are formed through the same mechanism as tunnel valleys ...
Cooke And Wheatstone Telegraph - Operation
... were two rows of buttons, one button for each coil in each row ... This connected two of the coils to the positive and negative ends respectively of the battery ... The other end of the coils was connected to the telegraph wires and the coils at the receiving station ...
Coil Knot
... A coil is a series of loops or a spiral ... Coil may also refer to Mountaineer's coil, a knot used in climbing Butterfly coil, a knot used in climbing Coil, a binary digit or bit in some communication protocols ... Guglielmi Detachable Coil, a platinum coil commonly used in intracranial non-invasive surgery, for the occlusion of brain aneurysms Coil, a colloquial term for an ...
Columbia Non-neutral Torus - Technical Design
... Magnetic surfaces are created using only 4 electromagnetic coils - two interlocking coils inside the chamber, and two poloidal field coils outside the ... The two interlocking coils have a radius of.405m, and the angle between them can be manually selected to be 64°, 78°, or 88°, allowing for different shear and ... The poloidal field coils have a radius of 1.08m ...

Famous quotes containing the word coils:

    Squalor spreads its hideous length
    through the carts and the asses’ feet,
    squalor coils and reopens
    and creeps under barrow
    and heap of refuse....
    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)