Coast (TV Series)

Coast (TV Series)

Coast is a BBC documentary series first broadcast on BBC Two television in 2005. A second series started on 26 October 2006, a third in early 2007 and a fourth in mid-2009. It covers various subjects relating to both the natural and social history of the British coastline and also more recently, that of Britain's near neighbours. A fifth series was aired in 2010, followed by a sixth in 2011. A seventh series aired in 2012 and followed a different format from previous series. The BBC have started to film a series 8.

The series is a collaboration between the Open University and BBC Productions, Birmingham.

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Coast (TV Series) - Footnotes
... ^This closing narration was part of a promotion for the tie-in BBC-sponsored walks and accompanying booklet,and was removed from many of the repeat showings ... Series 1 Episode 13 was broadcast as a series'highlight programme which also looking at the future of the coastline ... First mentioned in the introduction of Series 1 Episode 1 ...

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