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Canopy (grape) - Leaves
... which creates the carbohydrates that the vine needs to grow and process grape clusters ... (needed for photosynthesis) and proportion of fruit (judged by weight rather than number of clusters) could have the most substantiate effect on the quality of the grape for winemaking ... Additionally, leaves provide shade to the grape clusters which be beneficial in protecting the clusters from the harshness of heat stress ("sunburn") but excessive shade can also decrease the development of ...
Coupled Map Lattice - Visual Phenomena
... Selection Chaotic Brownian Motion of Defect Figure 1 Sites are divided into non-uniform clusters, where the divided patterns are regarded as attractors ... Figure 2 Near uniform sized clusters (a = 1.71, ε = 0.4) ... Figure 8 The wave of clusters travels at 'low' speeds (a = 1.47, ε = 0.5) ...
Consensus Clustering - Tunable-tightness Partitions
... data object is allowed to be exclusively assigned to one and only one cluster, to be unassigned from all clusters, or to be simultaneously assigned to ... in hand and should be ideally not assigned to any of the output clusters, moreover, any single gene can be participating in multiple processes and would be useful to be included in multiple ...
Medini Iskandar Malaysia - Clusters - Medini Lifestyle & Leisure Cluster
... The cluster covers 1,274 acres (5.16 km2) of land mass in the Medini Zone, or approximately 55% of the total land area of Medini Iskandar Malaysia ... There are two zones within this cluster, which are Medini North and Medini South ...
Locus Computing Corporation - Products - UnixWare NonStop Clusters
... system based on SCO UnixWare, UnixWare NonStop Clusters ... project Locus was acquired by Platinum Technology Inc, who transferred the team working on NonStop Clusters to Tandem ... from SCO by Caldera who discontinued commercialization of the NonStop Clusters product in favor of the simpler Reliant HA system ...

Famous quotes containing the word clusters:

    Where we such clusters had,
    As made us nobly wild, not mad;
    And yet each verse of thine
    Outdid the meat, outdid the frolic wine.
    Robert Herrick (1591–1674)

    What wondrous life in this I lead!
    Ripe apples drop about my head;
    The luscious clusters of the vine
    Upon my mouth do crush their wine;
    The nectarine and curious peach
    Into my hands themselves do reach;
    Stumbling on melons, as I pass,
    Ensnared with flowers, I fall on grass.
    Andrew Marvell (1621–1678)