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List Of Examples Of Convergent Evolution - In Animals - Prehistoric Reptiles
... These groups aren't closely related ... The Pelycosaurs are more closely related to mammals while the Ctenosauriscids are closely related to pterosaurs and dinosaurs ... Also, the Spinosaurids had sail-like fins on their backs, when they were not closely related to either ...
Phoronid - Evolutionary History - Family Tree
... that members of Lophotrochozoa are more closely related to each other than of non-members, the relationships between members are mostly unclear ... Molecular phylogeny indicates that Phoronida are closely related to Brachiopoda, but Bryozoa (Ectoprocta) are not closely related to this group, despite ...
Debate About Cambrian Lophotrochozoans - Wiwaxia
... They also argued that Wiwaxia was fairly closely related to and in fact descended from the halkieriids, as the sclerites are divided into similar groups, although those of halkieriids were much smaller, more ... Hence even if Wiwaxia’s sclerites closely resembled bristles, which he doubted, this would not prove that Wiwaxia’s closest relative were annelids ... accepted that Wiwaxia and Odontogriphus were closely related, but argued that they were stem-group polychaetes rather than stem-group molluscs ...
Tympanonesiotes - Systematics
... and thus it was argued that all four genera were closely related ... most if not all all pseudotooth birds placed there are probably closely related to the better-known Pelagornis, type genus of the family Pelagornithidae ... perhaps Tympanoneisiotes appear to be very closely related and are probably part of a monophyletic lineage of (usually) giant pseudotooth birds ...
Anger Function
... Anger (1855), is a function defined as and is closely related to Bessel functions ... Weber (1879), is a closely related function defined by and is closely related to Bessel functions of the second kind ...

Famous quotes containing the words closely related, related and/or closely:

    Lust and self-mutilation are closely related impulses. There are also self-mutilators among knowers: they do not want to be creators under any circumstances.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    The custard is setting; meanwhile
    I not only have my own history to worry about
    But am forced to fret over insufficient details related to large
    Unfinished concepts that can never bring themselves to the point
    Of being, with or without my help, if any were forthcoming.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)

    As to the family, I have never understood how that fits in with the other ideals—or, indeed, why it should be an ideal at all. A group of closely related persons living under one roof; it is a convenience, often a necessity, sometimes a pleasure, sometimes the reverse; but who first exalted it as admirable, an almost religious ideal?
    Rose Macaulay (1881–1958)