Clock Tower

A clock tower is a tower specifically built with one or more (often four) clock faces. Clock towers can be either freestanding or part of a church or municipal building such as a town hall.

The mechanism inside the tower is known as a turret clock. It often marks the hour (and sometimes segments of an hour) by sounding large bells or chimes, sometimes playing simple musical phrases or tunes.

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Clock Tower, Sialkot
... The Sialkot Clock Tower is situated in Saddar Bazar, Sialkot, Pakistan ... Standing tall for more than a century, the tower would have been witness to many a time of upheaval and change ... In the company of its four clock faces that still keep track of the passing minutes ...
Ludvika Town Hall - Clock Tower
... As the middle section of the clock tower, where the dials are, is narrower than the base on which it stands and its roof above, the tower's square ... On top of the clock's roof stands the open-to-air bell tower surrounded by a circle of eight copper pillars and a single bell hangs within ... The bell tower is crowned with a circular copper roof upon which a copper spire rises with a dragon-head weather wane, also in copper ...
Attempts To Escape Oflag IV-C - Unsuccessful Attempts - The French Tunnel
... was solved by Lieutenants Cazaumayo and Paille, who had gained access to the clock tower in 1940 ... Their tunnel began at the top of a chapel's clock tower and descended 8.6 metres (28.2 ft) into the ground using the shaft which contained the ropes and weights for the clock ... This left an empty shaft which extended from the clock to the cellars below ...
Clock Tower (Rome, Georgia) - History
... The clock tower was built in 1871 under the direction of James Noble, Jr ... Atop the water tank, there is a bell and four clock faces located within a structure that stands 41 feet tall ... Both the clock and bell were added in 1872, just one year after the original tower was built ...
List Of Oniisama E... Episodes
... somewhat lifts her spirits 7 "The Darkness in the Clock Tower" "Yami no Tokeitou" (闇の時計塔) 25 August 1991 Depressed from her classmates ... her to wait under the elm tree at five o'clock, but doesn't arrive ... Tormented, she retreats to the clock tower and takes a lot of drugs ...

Famous quotes containing the words tower and/or clock:

    Shall I still be love’s house on the widdershin earth,
    Woe to the windy masons at my shelter?
    Love’s house, they answer, and the tower death
    Lie all unknowing of the grave sin-eater.
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)

    The clock upbraids me with a waste of time.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)