Clarification or clarify may refer to:

  • Clarification (journalism)
  • Clarification (cooking), purification of broths
  • Clarification, preparation of clarified butter
  • Clarification and stabilization of wine
  • Clarification (water treatment)

See also:

  • The Clarification, Clarification concerning status of Catholics becoming Freemasons

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... Clarification Ethnologue, a reference work published by SIL International, has cataloged the world’s known living languages, and it estimates that 417 languages ... Clarification A key difference between the Preservationist and Conservationist environmentalist schools is this Preservationists view the environment as having intrinsic value that should be ... Clarification The idea of preservationist communities is part of a broader strategy in which individuals achieve independence from the centralized power grid ...
List Of New Testament Latin Manuscripts - Clarification - Other Issues
... In practice, citation of manuscript evidence implies any of several methodologies ... The ideal, but most costly, method is physical inspection of the manuscript itself alternatively, published photographs or facsimile editions may be inspected ...
Clarification (journalism)
... In journalism, a clarification is used to make a statement in a published story clearer ... A statement—in this case, a clarification—may be required, stating that the teachers then have time to appeal their dismissal before the termination takes effect ... A clarification is not the same as a correction, which corrects factual errors in a published story ...
Clarification And Stabilization Of Wine
... In winemaking, clarification and stabilization are the processes by which insoluble matter suspended in the wine is removed before bottling ... Clarification and stabilization may involve fining, filtration, centrifugation, flotation, refrigeration, pasteurization, and/or barrel maturation and racking ...
Declaration Of Helsinki - History - Clarifications of Articles 29, 30 (2002-2004)
... Eventually Notes of Clarification (footnotes) to articles 29 and 30 were added in 2002 and 2004 respectively, predominantly under pressure from the US (CMAJ ... The 2002 clarification to Article 29 was in response to many concerns about WMA's apparent position on placebos. 30 was debated further at the 2003 meeting, with another proposed clarification (CMAJ 2003) but did not result in any convergence of thought, and so decisions were postponed for another year (De ...