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German Student Movement

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The civil rights movement in Germany was a left-wing backlash against the post-Nazi Party era of the country, which still contained many of the conservative policies of both that era and of the pre-World War I Kaiser monarchy. The movement mainly attracted disillusioned students and was largely a protest movement analogous to others around the globe during the late 1960s. It was largely a reaction against the perceived authoritarianism and hypocrisy of the German government and other Western governments and the poor living conditions of students. A wave of protests, some violent, swept Germany, further fueled by over-reaction by the police and encouraged by other near-simultaneous protest movements across the world. Following more than a century of conservatism among German students, the German student movement also marked a significant major shift to the left-wing and radicalization of student politics.

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German Student Movement - The Effect
... Although the students failed to overthrow the status quo, the effects of the student movement are still visible today because the movement did change things in Germany ... Another side effect of the student movement was the emancipation of women in Germany ... In addition to that the student movement brought up many theories on education and the raising of children which have influenced the modern forms of these processes ...

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