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List Of Railway Lines In Japan (J To P) - N
... Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi Line (Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau) Nagano Line (Kintetsu Corporation) Nagano Line (Nagano Electric Railway) Nagano Shinkansen (Nickname ... Railway (services) ) Namboku Line (Sapporo City Transportation Bureau) Namboku Line (Sendai City Transportation Bureau) Namboku Line (Tokyo Metro) Nambu Line (East Japan Railway Company) Nambu Branch Line (Com ... Akita Rinkai Railway) Nanakuma Line (Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau) Nanao Line (Noto Railway) Nanao Line (West Japan Railway Company) Naniwasuji Line (Operator undecided) Planned Nankai ...
List Of Bus Operating Companies In Japan (west) - Chūgoku Region - Hiroshima Prefecture
... Jūban Kōtsū 十番交通 Kake Kōtsū 加計交通 Kure City Transportation Bureau (Kure City Bus) 呉市交通局 (呉市営バス) Mibu Kōtsū 壬生交通 Mihara City Transportation Bureau (Mihara City Bus ...
List Of Smart Cards - Asia
... Limited Shanghai CPTC / Jiaotong Yikatong Shanghai Public Transportation Card Company, Limited December 1999 Shenyang Chengshitong Shenyang City Link Network Co ... Limited 1 November 2003 Tianjin Tianjin City Card Tianjin Metropolitan Card Company, Limited June 2006 Wuhan Wuhan City Smart Card Wuhan City Card Company, Limited February 2009 Hong Kong SAR Octopus ... ASCOM Implemented on 2002 Israel (Whole country) Rav-Kav Transportation Ministry of Israel August 2007 Japan (Whole area) Edy bitWallet November 2001 nanaco Seven I Holdings ...

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