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Ancient Greek Warfare
... in population allowed urbanized culture to be restored, and the rise of the city-states (Poleis) ... Concomitant with the rise of the city-state was the evolution of a new way of warfare - the hoplite phalanx ... of the clash of hoplite phalanxes from the city-states in conflict ...
List Of Regions In Faerûn - M - Moonsea
... The Moonsea Capital none Government City-states Ruler none Population 1,750,000 (est.) Races Humans, orcs, half-orcs, halflings, dwarves, ogres, gnomes The Moonsea is a region in the North of Faerûn ... a wild, frontier area that is home to several city states that are dominated by despots, and the region doesn't have a capital ... The most notable of the city-states is Zhentil Keep at the western end, the greatest base of operations of the once-secret society of the Zhentarim Mulmaster in ...
Constitutional Republic - History - Mercantile Republics
... the late Middle Ages when a number of small states embraced republican systems of government ... These were generally small, but wealthy, trading states, like the Italian city-states and the Hanseatic League, in which the merchant class had risen to ... Knud Haakonssen has noted that, by the Renaissance, Europe was divided with those states controlled by a landed elite being monarchies and those controlled by a commercial elite being republics ...
List Of Greek Countries And Regions - Antiquity (to 330 AD) - City States
... During the history of Ancient Greece a total of 1,500 to 2,000 city-states were established ... The most important were the following ...
Aztec People
... Mexica people of Tenochtitlan (now the location of Mexico City), situated on an island in Lake Texcoco, who referred to themselves as Mexica Tenochca or ... of Tenochtitlan's two principal allied city-states, the Acolhuas of Texcoco and the Tepanecs of Tlacopan, who together with the Mexica formed the Aztec Triple Alliance which controlled what is often known as "the ... other contexts, Aztec may refer to all the various city states and their peoples, who shared large parts of their ethnic history and cultural traits with the ...

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    That Cabot merely landed on the uninhabitable shore of Labrador gave the English no just title to New England, or to the United States generally, any more than to Patagonia.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Glorious things of thee are spoken, Zion city of our God!
    He, whose word cannot be broken, Form’d for thee his own abode:
    On the rock of ages founded, What can shake thy sure repose?
    With salvation’s walls surrounded Thou may’st smile at all thy foes.
    John Newton (1725–1807)