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Side Altar

After the chancel arch are four reconstructions of the side altars of the artist Lorenz Schmid, the north to south of the Archangel Michael, the Mary, the Joseph of Nazareth and Agatha of Catania are consecrated. The original altars were manufactured in 1779 and 1780, but have been destroyed in the church fire in 1984.

The altars consist of an African-shaped Säulenretabel with a gable top. The altarpieces are by Franz Ludwig Hermann. Each altar has ever a main blade and a circular image in the top gable. On the columns of each altar angels and sit next to the pillars are two statues.

  • Michael Altar: The first consecration took place on 18 August 1300 instead, another on 4 Oktober 1532. He was ordained Archangel Michael, and Eligius, Jodok, Quirinus of Siscia and Agnes of Rome. The altar was honored in the first years on the Sunday before the feast of St. Bartholomew 'on 24 August and later in the octave of Pentecost, like most other altars. The present main page shows a picture of Michael and Agnes image shows the round. On the left side of the altar is a statue of Quirinus and right Eligius.
  • Lady altar: this altar was first mentioned on 28 February 1411 and is an ordained on 26 June 1467 documented. On 4 October 1532, he became the Mary and John the Baptist, Jacob, all the apostles, Barbara of Nicomedia, George and Joseph ordained. He was formerly known means measuring or Bullinger altar and altar originally stood below the chancel arch. Was awarded the altar in the octave of Pentecost. He was later transferred to its current location to the left of the chancel arch, replacing the altar of the suffering of the Lord, who had the Magi and other saints as patrons. This altar was in the documents of the Stifterpfrund on 3 November 1532 and 26 June 1467 but no longer in the church on 4 Rekonziliation October 1532 mentioned. construction of the altar today: The main page shows the Skapulierverleihung by Mary Simon Stock and a group of guardian angels. Mary is seated on the lap of the child Jesus. Left side altar is a statue of Crispin and right a statue of Crispinianus.
  • Joseph Altar: The altar used to be called "Frühmeßaltar" and was on 18 August 1300 and 4 Consecrated Oktober 1532. The cartridge was then St. Nicholas, St. Giles Gilles, Catherine of Alexandria, Apollonia and Martin of Tours, and he was also honored in the Pfingsoktav. The main page shows Joseph's death and the circular picture today shows St. Roch. On the left side is a statue of Stephen and to the right a statue of Lawrence of Rome.
  • Agatha Altar: The altar was on 13 November 1487 by the then Constance Vicar General and later Auxiliary Bishop Daniel Zehender (1473-1498) and consecrated the altar should be at an annual festival of All Souls are honored. The cartridge was Mary, Stephen, Gallus and all the saints. The present main page shows the martyrdom of Agatha and a signature Franc. Ludov. Herrmann inventory. pinxitt et anno, 1780. The circular image shows Blaise of Sebaste . The statue on the left is an image of Apollonia and the right of a holy martyr .

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