City Church of Bremgarten - Frescoes


Prior to the restoration work beginning of the 1980s, the walls were painted in the church of white. On the walls were pictures of the north and south of Calvary attached. Above the choir arch were, a life-size crucifix and two statues, one each on the left and right side, attached. The restored crucifix now hangs over the southern side of the entrance, where before renovation hung a large painting of Jesus. The only 1897 exposed image of the original frescoes was a 80 by 32 cm tall figure of Mary with a naked baby Jesus in three-quarter profile, the turnout style of the early 15th century can be attributed.

When renovation work center in 1983 frescoes by the artist Paul Widerkehr exposed from 1630. His work was in 1780 in the Baroque style painted over the church. By the church fire in 1984 but the frescoes were destroyed in the choir. Among the Widerkehr frescoes but the fire came through fragments of frescoes of the late Gothic period around 1500 shows. These were, as far as they were received, exposed and today adorn the choir. They represent the twelve apostles large and classically dressed represent their typical characteristics (e.g. key for Peter) hold in their hands and a tape with a credo set. The apostles are in arcades . The chancel arch is today the scene of the Annunciation by the angel Gabriel, with only the figure of Mary and the angel could be exposed by the restorers. The backdrop was repainted it.

The Widerkehr frescoes in the nave were also attacked by the fire, but not completely destroyed. They could be restored and show in the window a cycle with Jesus and his apostles. In the arcades in the center of the church are angels Passion Crucifixion painted with tools in their hands. Windows such as arches in addition to Synesiusschiff have mock architectural illustrations that will make the church appear bigger and roomier. The front wall of Synesius-ship carries a picture of the Last Judgment .

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