Ciphertext Block

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Ciphertext Stealing - General Characteristics
... Ciphertext stealing is the technique of altering processing of the last two blocks of plaintext, resulting in a reordered transmission of the last two blocks of ciphertext and no ciphertext expansion ... by padding the last plaintext block (which is possibly incomplete) with the high order bits from the second to last ciphertext block (stealing the ciphertext from the second to last block) ... The (now full) last block is encrypted, and then exchanged with the second to last ciphertext block, which is then truncated to the length of the final plaintext block ...
Ciphertext Stealing Mode Description - CBC Ciphertext Stealing - CBC Encryption Steps
... Exclusive-OR Pn−1 with the previous ciphertext block, Cn−2, to create Xn−1 ... The final ciphertext block, Cn, is composed of the leading M bits of the second-to-last ciphertext block ... In all cases, the last two blocks are sent in a different order than the corresponding plaintext blocks ...

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