Chun may represent many things:

  • Chun River in Thailand
  • Chun District in Phayao Province, Thailand
  • Chûn Castle, a hillfort in the United Kingdom
  • "Chun" is a Biblical city, an Aramaean city also called Kun or Cunnce
  • Kwong Wui Chun (b. 1955), chairman and founder of Asia Aluminum Group
  • Prince Chun (disambiguation), the title of two princes of the Chinese Qing Dynasty
  • "Chun" is a Biblical name, see List of Biblical names
  • Chun, Cheon (千:Qian), Korean family-name, common of Chinese surname Qian, Chin (千)
  • Chun, Jeon (全:Quan, 田:Tian, 錢:Qian), Korean family-name, Jeon/Jun may be rendered as Chŏn or Chun, see Jeon (Korean name)
  • "Chun the son of a god", one man, big dreams, big hair
  • Chun the Unavoidable, a character from Jack Vance's Dying Earth stories.
  • Ch'un, an alternate spelling for chen or shen, a type of Chinese clam monster

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