Duan may refer to:

  • Duan (tribe), pre-state tribe during the era of Sixteen Kingdoms in China
  • Dan rank mark of level in Japanese martial arts
  • Lê Duẩn, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam from 1959 until his death in 1986, and leader of Vietnam from 1969 to 1986
  • Duan (surname) a Chinese surname
  • Du'an Yao Autonomous County, in Guangxi, China
  • Zaiyi, Prince Duan (1856-1922), Manchu prince and statesman during the late Qing dynasty
  • Duan Qirui (1865 - 1936), Chinese politician
  • "DUAN" a tag applied to the last post of the day at the sports blog Deadspin. The term is an acronym for "Deadspin Up All Night", and that post is often used as an open comments thread for readers visiting the site during evening and overnight hours in the US, when the site is not being updated.

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Duan Yihe
... Duan Yihe (Chinese 段义和, died September 5, 2007) was a member of the Chinese People's Congress from Jinan, Shandong Province ... Duan received the death penalty and was reportedly executed on September 5, 2007, together with his cousin ...
List Of Demi-Gods And Semi-Devils Characters
... Some characters such as Duan Yu, Duan Zhengchun, Duan Zhengming, Yelü Hongji, and Wanyan Aguda are based on real historical figures, while the rest are all fictional ...
Constitutional Protection Movement - Origin
... Duan Qirui was re-appointed as the new prime minister, and the old parliament was restored ... However, Li and Duan had a major disagreement shortly after on whether or not to enter World War I and declare war on Germany ... Duan insisted on joining the war while Li and the parliament were conservative on the matter ...
List Of Demi-Gods And Semi-Devils Characters - Four Evils
... The four are ranked in order of seniority Duan Yanqing (traditional Chinese 段延慶 simplified Chinese 段延庆 Mandarin Pinyin Duàn Yánqìng Jyutping Dyun6 Jin4-hing3), nicknamed "Overflowi ... When his father died, Duan Zhengming became the new king ... right to being the ruler was taken from him, he attempts to seize back the throne by harming Duan Zhengchun and Duan Yu on several occasions ...