Chrononauts is a card game that simulates popular fictional ideas about how time travellers might alter history, drawing on sources like Back to the Future and the short stories collection Travels Through Time. The game was designed by Andrew Looney in 2000 and is published by Looney Labs. In 2001, Chrononauts won the Origins Award for Best Traditional Card Game of 2000.

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Chrononauts - Expansions and Spinoffs
... company released Lost Identities, a set of 13 new IDs and one new Mission (The Most Toys) for Chrononauts ... In 2004, Looney Labs released Early American Chrononauts (EAC), a prequel to Chrononauts ... films of the same name and using a game mechanic similar to Chrononauts ...
Andy Looney - Patents & Awards
... Looney holds patents on the game mechanics for Icehouse, IceTowers and Chrononauts Method of manipulating and interpreting playing pieces (U.S ... Mind Games Mensa Select Award for Fluxx 2000 — Origins Award Best Traditional Card Game for Chrononauts 2000 — Origins Award Best Abstract Board Game for Icehouse 2001 ...