Chopped and Screwed

Chopped and screwed (sometimes called screwed and chopped or slowed and throwed) refers to a technique of remixing hip hop music which developed in the Houston hip hop scene in the 1990s. This is accomplished by slowing the tempo down to between 60 and 70 quarter-note beats per minute and applying techniques such as skipping beats, record scratching, stop-time, and affecting portions of the music to make a "chopped-up" version of the original. A Subgenre called ChopNotSlop created by OG RON C has gotten major attention via Drake's Take Care album and various media outlets

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Chopped And Screwed - Subculture
... Chopped and screwed music was created by DJ Screw in the early 1990s ... Part of the chopped screwed music scene is a beverage known as purple drank (the active ingredients being codeine and promethazine) the color purple, which is ... The 2007 documentary film Screwed In Houston produced by VBS/Vice Magazine details the history of the Houston rap scene and the influence of the Chopped and Screwed ...

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