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Early Wares

  • Water jar from the Neolithic period, Yangshao culture (ca. 5000 - 3000 BC)

  • Painted jar of the Majiayao culture, Late Neolithic period (3300 - 2200 BC)

  • Painted pot with frog motifs, Majiayao culture (2200 - 2000 BC)

  • Painted pot of Majiayao culture (2200 - 2000 BC)

  • Black pottery goblet of the Late Neolithic period from the Longshan culture, dated (ca. 2500 - 2000 BC)

  • Large grey mug, Henan Longshan culture, Late Neolithic period (ca. 2500 - 2000 BC)

  • White pottery pitcher from the Shandong Longshan culture, 2500–2000 BC

  • White pottery pot with geometric design, Shang dynasty (1600-1100 BC)

  • Earthenware vase, Eastern Zhou, 4th-3rd century BC, British Museum

  • A pottery bell from the Warring States Period (403–221 BC)

  • A painted pottery dou vessel with a dragon design from the Warring States Period (403-221 BC)

  • Soldiers from the Terracotta Army, interred by 210 BC, Qin Dynasty (221–206 BC)

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