Chilean Navy

The Chilean Navy (Armada de Chile) is the naval force of Chile.

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Chilean Navy - Gallery
... CS Simpson (SS-21) entering Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 2004 Capitan Prat on the North Sea Chilean Navy Cougar Chilean frigate Almirante Blanco Encalada (FF-15) at Pearl Harbor ...
Chilean Ship Blanco Encalada
... Several ships of the Chilean Navy have been name Blanco Encalada after Manuel Blanco Encalada (1790–1876), a Vice Admiral and Chile's first President Chilean frigate ...
Chilean Ship Cochrane
... Several ships of the Chilean Navy have been named Cochrane or Almirante Cochrane after Thomas Cochrane (1775–1860), commander of the Chilean Navy during that country's war of independence against Spain ...
Semper Fidelis - Martial - Submarine Force, Chilean Navy
... Semper Fidelis is the motto of the Submarine Force of the Chilean Navy. ...
List Of Ship Decommissionings In 2006
... type Fate Other notes 24 January Royal Navy Grafton Type 23 frigate Sold to Chile 24 February Royal Navy Grey Rover Rover class fleet tanker Awaiting disposal 26 February Royal ...

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