The Chee are a fictional race of androids created by the extinct Pemalites, a race of pacifists from the sci-fi book series Animorphs, written by K. A. Applegate. The word Chee means "Friend" in the Pemalite language.

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Chee - Appearance
... The Chee are described in Book 10 by Marco as "made of steel and something white," with "mouths almost like muzzles, clumsy-looking legs, and stubby ... On the whole, Chee look like upright digitigrade robotic dogs, possibly resembling Greyhounds ... Humans Ketrans Yeerks Other minor characters Species Andalite Arn Capasin Chee Gedd Helmacron Hork-Bajir Howler Iskoort Ketran Leeran Lerdethak Mercora Nartec Nesk Orff ...