Cheat! is a TV show on G4 (formerly G4techTV) that provides cheat codes, strategies, and other hidden features for video games. The show is hosted by Kristin Adams (née Holt), who replaced original host Cory Rouse in January 2005. After a nearly 18-month hiatus, new episodes of Cheat! began airing in December 2008. Cheat! last aired February 19, 2009 on G4.

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Cheat! - History - As A Segment of X-Play
... in January 2008, aside the weekday episode reruns, Cheat! is now a segment of X-Play, where Kristin Adams (who changed her name from Holt following her marriage) gives ... It was assumed that Cheat! would continue exclusively as an X-Play segment, however, beginning December 8, 2008, ten new episodes of the half-hour show began to air at 930am (EST) for two consecutive weeks ... In addition, the "live" Cheat! segments continue to air on X-Play ...